Elena Moiseenko - Three Reasons to Work with a Mentor

Elena Moiseenko is a professional in Florida. She has worked as an industrial engineer and has been a vice president. She started developing her career as soon as she graduated from college, and has used her experience and education to advance within her industry. If you are building your career, you may consider working with a mentor.


One reason to work with a mentor is to start making connections within your industry. Networking can be a vital part of building a career. An established professional can help you meet new people and learn about potential job opportunities in your company and in your field.


Another reason to work with a mentor is to develop your knowledge of your industry. If you are new to your field, you may need the help of an established professional. A mentor can help you learn how to work more efficiently with your co-workers, and how to interact with your clients.


A third reason to find a mentor is to advance your career. Building a professional relationship with a mentor in your company could help you get in line for promotions. Your mentor may be able to advise you and put in a good word for you. If you impress your mentor, it may be easier for you to move up through your company.


Moiseenko is a business professional who has spent years developing her knowledge of industrial engineering and business development. Elena Moiseenko has been a mentor and has built successful teams of employees.

Elena Moiseenko - Improve You Social Skills for Your Career

Elena Moiseenko has experience in team development and customer service. She is a trained industrial engineer, who has honed her skills in communication, leadership, and more. She has strong social skills and has used them to network and build connections within her industry. She has worked with consultation firms and has built successful teams of employees. Her people skills have helped her excel in her career.

Improving your social skills can be the first step in becoming a great networker. A professional network can help you find employment opportunities as well as new clients. Many professionals network on a regular basis so that they can advance their careers.

Social skills can include written communication as well as interpersonal interactions. You can focus on improving in these two fields if you are lacking in social skills. Career advancement can take time and may involve several different factors. If you are interested in moving up through your company and earning management positions, you may consider evaluating your social skills. It may be helpful to try to determine how your co-workers view you, and how good your relationships are with your clients. You may consider meeting with your supervisor to get evaluations and to discuss your overall work performance.

Building social skills may take time and effort, however, it could be highly beneficial. Elena Moiseenko is a successful and ambitious professional who always takes initiative. She has been working in industrial engineering for more than a decade and has developed a number of important skills.

Elena Moiseenko - Optimizing Business Management

In her tenure with major corporations like Automatic Data Processing, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. and Health Management Systems, Inc.  Elena Moiseenko witnessed firsthand the devastation to a business environment caused by flawed underlying systems.  Elena Moiseenko works in business process improvement, a construct of systems which helps institutions optimize their business management approach.  The ultimate goal is to improve efficiency, and thus improve performance.  The idea of business processes was presented by James Harrington in his 1991 book by the same name, Business Process Improvement.  This systematic approach to business optimization forms the basis for both Process Redesign and Business Process Reengineering.  It has been asserted that business process improvement reduces costs and process time by as much as 90%, and improves quality by a minimum of 60%.

Elena Moiseenko brings the background and experience to utilize process improvement to improve organizations.  Process improvement is a series of actions taken by the process owner, which enable that corporation to identify, analyze and improve the existing processes of the business to meet the current goals, be they to increase profit, reduce costs or accelerate time schedules.  Moiseenko has a variety of methodologies at her command to bring about successful results, including the restructuring of the company and its training programs.  Whether the goal is company improvement or product improvement, Moiseenko uses the tools at her command to bring about dynamic change.


Elena Moiseenko - Delivering Top Quality Services

Elena Moiseenko is a longtime executive with many years of experience in health care and other industries. With a stellar record of advancement and achievement, she is a highly effective contributor to the organizations with which she is associated.

“My goal has always been to achieve the continuous delivery of top quality services/products to clients,” she says. “As a tactical planner, leader, and team developer, my strengths lie in superior operational structuring as well as the effective identification and targeting of organizational inefficiencies.”

Her past roles have ranged from Senior Vice President of Customer Solutions and Vice President of Third Party Liability, Associate Manager to Manager of Conversion and Industrial Engineering. “Through detailed business modeling, planning and policy/procedures development,” she explains, “I was successful in establishing and maintaining superior performance standards that took some of my past employers to world-class ranking in customer offerings.”

Her career highlights include establishing an organization as the largest provider of its kind by capturing high levels of market recognition and forty-four percent revenue increases, and capturing a 10.6 percent annual revenue growth, by streamlining target objectives for senior management.

Elena Moiseenko was one of only three women to graduate from the Industrial Engineering curriculum at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree. She is a New Jersey native and has spent most of her life in the Garden State. She now makes her home in Florida, where she lives with her husband and two golden retrievers

Elena Moiseenko Moves and Moves Again

After purchasing her first home and living in Chatham Borough, New Jersey, Elena Moiseenko moved to Berkley Heights in New Jersey.   Located in Union County of New Jersey, Berkeley Heights was named for John Berkeley, the 1st Baron Berkeley of Stratton.  Berkeley Heights was ranked 6th in the nation by Money magazine in 2013 as one of the nation’s Best Places to Live in New Jersey.  As with the Chatham Borough area, where Moiseenko purchased her first home, Berkeley Heights had also been inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans for millennia, and greeted Giovanni da Verrazzano when he made landfall in his 1524 voyage to New York Bay.   The first European settler of the area was Peter Willcox, who built a grist and lumber mill on Green Brook in 1720.


The first village was called Feltville, for David Felt, who bought the mill in 1845 and built a village.  Feltville went bankrupt in 1882, and the town became known as Deserted Village.  Undergoing restoration today, Deserted Village, on the National Register of Historic Places, is open for walking tours daily.  A notable village in Berkeley Heights is Free Acres, a 1910 social experiment in single taxation, occupied early on by James Cagney and his wife.


From living in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, Elena Moiseenko purchased a home in Lafayette, New Jersey and moved there to live with her husband Ken, who she had met while living in Berkeley Heights.  Lafayette township was the first in the new nation to be named for the French general the Marquis de Lafayette, who served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.



Elena Moiseenko Buys First Home in Chatham, New Jersey

Aggressive ambition and a strong work ethic combine in Elena Moiseenko, who worked her way through New Jersey Institute of Science & Technology to become an Industrial Engineer with ITT Corporation in Nutley, New Jersey.   Moiseenko did not waver from her practical nature and razor sharp focus on her goals as she worked for ITT.  Choosing her next goal as a purchase of her own home, Moiseenko worked toward her property plan by living with her parents until she felt the time was right.  When it was, Moiseenko bought her first home, a condominium, in Chatham, New Jersey.

Chatham Borough where Industrial Engineer Elena Moiseenko chose to buy her first home, was settled by Europeans in 1710, primarily because the area was a vital crossing of the Passaic River and was the path of a much used Native American Trail.  The region of modern day Chatham Borough was inhabited for thousands of years by the Minsi and Lenni Lenape Native Americans.  The tribes relocated at regular intervals to fixed settlements within their territory, a form of crop rotation and resting of soil, which they worked as an agricultural society.  Initially, the Lenape prevented any permanent settlement by Europeans beyond the area of what is now Jersey City.  When rule of the lands passed to British hands in 1664, permanent English settlements began to occur.  The Indian inhabitants sold their right to the land in 1680, and today Main Street in Chatham, Route 24, is the original trail route of the Native Americans to and from their hunting grounds for millennia.


Elena Moiseenko - Start  Dancing Today

Dancing is not only fun, but also a great form of exercise. Elena Moiseenko is an operations management professional in Florida. She has worked hard to build a successful career for herself. When she is not working, she enjoys dancing. This is a great way to have fun and get in great physical shape. She has been dancing for years and always looks forward to having fun. If you want to start dancing, there are a few steps that you can take.
Dancing is a form of art as well as exercise. It can be helpful for beginners to work with an instructor. There are several different styles of dancing. An instructor can help you learn different styles and can help you develop your skills. Working with an instructor can help you learn the steps as well as proper posture.

The next step is to practice. One of the only ways you will become a great dancer is to practice. It can be helpful to take every opportunity to practice your new skills. As you dance, you may also learn more steps. You may also want to consider dancing with different partners. Everyone has a different dancing style, therefore, dancing with new partners can help you develop your skills.

There are many people who enjoys dancing. It can be a great way to exercise and it can be a fun social activity. Elena Moiseenko has spent years developing her career in operations management. During her free time, she loves dancing and having fun.

Elena Moiseenko - The Importance of Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is valuable for professionals in their careers as well as their personal lives. Elena Moiseenko strives for continuous improvement in her career and her personal life. She is an associate manager with Public Consulting Group, Inc. and has worked with several other major firms. Her areas of expertise include strategic business development and process improvement. She is an experienced professional who has worked hard to build her career and hone her skills.

Continuous improvement is an important part of professional development as well as personal development. Continuous improvement within a company can help that company grow and expand. It can be important for companies to encourage professional growth and improvement. This motivation can help professionals develop new skills and improve efficiency within their companies.

Professionals who strive for continuous improvement may be able to advance their careers and gain new essential skills. This process can help these individuals gain new responsibilities and develop important leadership skills.

Individuals should also work towards continually improving in their personal lives as well. This could include becoming better educated or well-read. Enhancing your personal life can also have an effect on your professional life. Continuous improvement can help individuals grow and develop new skills.

Moiseenko cares about continuous improvement and development. She has worked for several major firms including Affiliated Computer Systems, Inc. and Public Consulting Group, Inc. She cares about her career and has worked hard to develop her knowledge and her skills. Elena Moiseenko is a hardworking and dedicated operations professional.  

Elena Moiseenko - The Benefits of Process Improvement

Process improvement techniques can be used to help a company grow and develop. Elena Moiseenko is an operations and management professional, who has experience in this field. She has worked hard to build her career and her skill set. She has a strong understanding of process improvement, as well as a number of other operation management techniques. There are several benefits involved in process improvement.

Process improvement can be defined as the systematic approach to improving a process or system within a business or company. There are many companies that depend on efficiency. Well-organized systems and procedures can help companies cut costs and improve levels of efficiency. Cost reduction can help increase a company’s profits. A rise in profits can also lead to business development and growth.

Efficiency, staff training, and motivation can also factor into process improvement. There are several ways to decrease process variation and streamline the efficiency levels of a number of processes. Many companies hire individuals who have a background in process improvement to help develop their businesses. Professionals who specialize in this field may have experience in operations management or industrial engineering.

Process improvement can help a company grow and develop. Companies in multiple industries use these techniques to improve the function of their companies and to expand their businesses. Elena Moiseenko is an associate manager with Public Consulting Group, Inc. She has years of experience and she has worked hard to develop her skills and her expertise in process improvement as well as business development.    


Elena Moiseenko - A Brief  Description of Health Care  Billing and Collections

Finance is an important part of the health care industry. Elena Moiseenko is an associate manager with Public Consulting Group, Inc. She has also worked with other management companies in the health care industry. She is a trained industrial engineer, who has experience in operations management as well as project and program management. She has worked with a company involved in health care billing and collections as well. This is a large industry that is involved in a wide range of fields.

Health care billing and collections is a unique subfield that works with the health care industry as well as the financial industry. In the United States, people pay a health insurance company a monthly premium. That insurance company then covers a portion of any health care procedures. The insurance companies work with health care facilities such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics to organize billing. This can be a complicated process because insurance companies pay an amount that is specified by the procedure, the medical facility, and the type of premium.

Some people end up with health care debt. That debt may then be transferred to a financial management company. That company would be in charge of collecting that debt. Professionals who work in this industry may need to have an understanding of the health care billing process as well as the collections process. Elena Moiseenko has experience in this industry. She is an intelligent management professional, who has worked for many companies in the financial management and health care industries.